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The Gallery

The Gallery at the Playhouse is part of our ongoing effort to include and encourage local artists of all kinds.

Meet our Curator, Greg Fritsche

The Long Beach Playhouse proudly continues its service to the local artist in its Gallery space, now under the curation of Playhouse friend, Greg Fritsche. Along with a committee of local artists Fritsche will be selecting the artists and scheduling the two-month slots and receptions for emerging and established local artists. 


As a native of the golden state, Greg Fritsche has always been inspired by the unique variety and boundless beauty of the California landscape. His passion for painting is largely fueled by his reverence for nature and its ever changing range of colors and moods. Capturing specific moments in time when light and subject strike a perfect balance and stressing the importance of conservation and protection of our environment. Greg also enjoys gardening and landscape design. He is an accomplished set designer with over twenty shows to his credit at the Playhouse.

To submit your work to be included in the Gallery click here for the submission form!